Markets and

We are Cementitious! We work for the Cement Industry. Cement and Concrete have a wide range of innovative end-market applications; they are even applied to works of art.

Architectural solutions
Homes, schools, hospitals, offices, industrial warehouses, stadiums.

Transport and Logistic solutions
Bridges, tunnels, channels and canals, streets & highways, ports, docks & jetties.

Environmental solutions
Air cleaning concrete, dams and windmills, reservoirs, treatment plants, parks & gardens…


We strongly believe in contributing our share to the World sustainability, not only with our actions but also with the products we trade. We have to add value to our global trades by delivering exceptional service and performance across the supply chain.

In order to be truly sustainable, a balance between social, economic and environmental measures needs to maintained over the entire process of our work. For this reason, we are committed to contributing our share along our entire value chain and complete a detailed assessment over a broad suite of indicators.